Looking Professional At The Station

We understand that your appearance must
communicate authority and professionalism.
Thatís why Lion Station Wear is available in
deep, rich navy; vibrant medium blue; and
crisp white. We autoclave our Nomexģ and
fully cure our cottonís so that the fire fighter
has less maintenance before and during a
shift to worry about



Lion trousers provide maximum freedom
of movement, comfort, and long lasting
good looks. Lionís high quality tailoring
details improve their performance and value.



Two multi-seasonal jackets to choose from.


EMS pants deliver style, comfort, and versatility
with a variety of utility pockets. Ideal for fire
departments, rescue squads, and private
ambulance services. EMS shorts deliver the
same style, comfort, and utility for warm
weather seasons. Made from 100% cotton
twill, RescueWear EMS Shorts are certified
to meet NFPA 1975, 1999 editions.


Versatile three-season jacket offers optimum
comfort, durability, and visibility. Has optional
hood and Polar fleece Liner/Vest. Certified to
meet NFPA 1999, 2003 edition.